I Like Ford


Every now and then I take a look at what the car companies are doing, just to keep up and all. I typically look at what’s happening in my market, the one I’d look at if I had to buy a car tomorrow. Really that means I’m looking for 3 basic things: Is it affordable? Can I see myself driving it? What happens if it breaks? You might have your own questions, but that is essentially my mindset.

[Notice: You won’t find technical jargon or specy stuff here, just to save you the trouble if that’s what you’re looking for.]

So I went to the 3 companies I naturally gravitate towards: Lamborghini, Lotus, and Mazerati. They had nice cars and stuff. Then I went to the 3 companies I look at to fulfill my basic qualifications: Toyota, Ford, and Honda. Now I’m not one to usually give into overblown press like Toyota has been receiving, but I have to admit it didn’t make me all  that excited plus the cars really aren’t changing that much over the next year. Honda always as something I like. The Element SC is probably one of my favorites, but I’ve been told that the rear doors can be troublesome, at least in getting in and out. However, it gets a little expensive for the SC model, which really leaves me looking at the Civic (which is what I have now and love). But I know Honda, so I decided I owe it to myself to at least look at Ford. Longer story shorter, I like Ford. I like what they are doing. I like how creative they are becoming. I like that they are looking to the future. I like their design aesthetic. Specifically, I LOVE what they are doing with the 2012 Focus. It looks pretty (and I’m a design nut), it allows for form and function, and the price looks killer. Granted, all this is based on pre-production models so none of this could be true in about a year, but what are the odds of that happening? The SYNC technology is now a couple years old so the major bugs have been worked out, and the idea of it makes me pretty excited. That means a lot coming from a Mac. The website didn’t say much about actual specs, but I’m sure they are out there. In fact, I think a similar model is already being sold in Europe (Bonus points to the person who finds that link). So, I look forward to the day I sit in one to see if it’s all it’s cracked up to be. Anyway, for those of you who don’t read blogs but like shiny things and pictures, here is a shot or two of what’s coming.