A Writing RE:volution

My latest theory is that in the very near future we will see a large population of writers. Sounds funny at the moment, but when you stop and think about what is happening currently, it might make sense. Online education is taking off. The traditional higher education mindset is going out the window. Not for lack of caliber or quality, but more practically for cost. Private institutions are becoming too expensive for the general population to even consider. We then look to public institutions such as state schools, however, those in California know that they have their own set of issues in respect to accepting few students… With a shift towards online education, the traditional face-to-face classroom experiences are also becoming few and far between. This is with exception of hybrid programs of course. However, a different type of collaboration is happening online. Students are being forced to express themselves and their views in written form through email and chat forums. In essence, we are becoming really good at illustrating what we feel and what we believe without having to physically say anything. Online cloud collaboration tools such as Google docs are also making sharing more viable then ever. Combine all this with the ever growing trend of texting and I think we’ve got a pretty tasty treat here. Granted, the younger generations are definitely going to have to shake that habit of phonetic spelling (Its gud 4 u) and lazy acronyms (ROFL). As a friend recently commented, i ALsO hOPe wE dOnT sEE aRTicLES wRitTen LIkE thIS aLL oveR tHE pLAce! LOL 🙂 Anyway, all that to say we’ll probably see a lot of writers in the future, that’s it.

Just for fun, here’s something that has to do with writing…