Winter Song

Yesterday, my wife showed me this youtube video of Ingrid Michaelson and Sara Bareilles singing this song. I had two thoughts immediately:

  1. Wow, that was well written (musically and lyrically)
  2. What a cool video.

This type of creativity deserves to be shared. Not much more to say the video hasn’t already.


The Importance of the Comparison Chart

Hey, remember when I wrote this post a couple months ago? If you don’t (I have no idea why you wouldn’t), I basically said I love the commercials for the Amazon Kindle. I think they are well made, catchy, and give the Kindle the overall youthful look they need. Before I go on, I have to say that I like the Kindle as a reader. The contrast is amazing making the readability amazing. You get the point.

In the recent news, you may have heard that the Kindle was “sold out.” Also in recent news you may have noticed that the Kindle is now available for a much lower price…$139. I think that’s great. However, this is where I clash a little with the presentation of the details. Amazon posted a comparison chart of the three models they now offer, ranging from $139 to $379. Take a look at this chart:


Ideally, this chart should give you a reason to pick one model over the other, and the comparisons should show the products to be uniquely different. Take the iPad for example. The different prices result from a difference in storage space and 3G capability which makes sense. Here is the comparison chart for the iPad:


What I can’t figure out is the differences for the Kindle models. The most expensive one has a bigger screen size, but no wifi which the first and second models have. The 3G is paranthetically categorized as (experimental). All the models hold the same number of books. The cheapest one has the longest battery life. The most expensive one weighs double the other two.

Now I’m sure there really are distinguishing features that can explain the price structure, but I’m not sure this chart does them justice. Is it just me?

Again, I like the Kindle, I like their commercials a lot, they just need better charts.

Web Find for the Day – Safari 5 Extensions


As I was doing my rounds this morning, I came across a little blurb about the new Safari Extensions for Safari 5. If you use Safari (for Mac + PC), you might want to explore the little gallery they’ve put together so far. A few of the extensions I’ve downloaded and am playing with right now are Awesome Screen Shot and the Twitter toolbar. Awesome screenshot allows you to take a screenshot and add notes, crop, and view pixel size which is helpful for web designers. The Twitter toolbar is pretty much what it sounds like, but I think I still prefer running Hootsuite through Fluid right now.

In browsing some more, there are definitely some potentially helpful extensions for people who use Flickr and Vimeo a lot. And last, but certainly not least, a little extension for the Firefox lovers out there. I know that when I made the switch to Safari, the thing that bugged me the most was the location of the refresh button. Apple now has an extension to place that button anywhere on the toolbar you like [sigh of relief].

If you install any of them, let me know. Y’all come back now.


iPad Research

Yesterday I was given an iPad to do some research. For those of you who don’t know, I work at an institution for higher education which is a fancy way of saying university. What we are trying to do is determine the usability factor for a student. Here are some of the things we were asked to do:

  1. Create/manage a blog
  2. Download various apps from newspapers to games
  3. Read and e-book and view multiple PDF’s
  4. Browse the internet
  5. Explore iTunes and iTunesU 
  6. Play with Google (Gmail, chat, docs, wave, etc.)
  7. Take notes, write a document
  8. Find education related apps

So far I have only had it for a day, so my notes are limited. Here are a few:

  • The interface is identical to the iPhone or iPod Touch so no worries there.
  • If you trust the keyboard, you’re typing will improve drastically.
  • I left a page in Safari to grab a link from another page and my unsaved blog post disappeared because of the refresh when I came back to it. Keep that in mind.
  • Video is amazing as well as the video apps themselves like ABC 7 and Netflix.
  • You CAN post images and videos to blog posts.
  • If the site is optimized, it looks really clean, like Posterous for example.

With that said, I will have much more to say later. Until then, I leave you with this video, on of my favorites.

The Mood of a Nation


Since I work in marketing and design, naturally I love things like this. When someone can figure out how to represent data in stimulating visual form it always makes me happy. There was a time (and it actually still is that time) when people thought you can only represent data in spreadsheets and bar graphs. They have their place, but trust me, more people will want to read the data you spent hours and hours collecting if it looks unusual. I have a few books for Edward Tufte that you all might want to check out if this is your type of thing. I’m not a huge fan of the site layout, but he has some amazing stuff in his books. You might also need a refresher in cartograms before you attempt to watch the video though, otherwise it will just look like a butterfly changing colors over and over again. For the original post, visit Mashable here. Based on this, I think I’m staying on the west coast…just sayin’.

Origami as Art in Video

I was doing a little research about origami because I wanted to learn how to make a stop motion video folding paper. I had an idea I thought would be expressed best in this format, so I started my normal searching techniques. After a couple pages, I came across a company called Mabona Origami who had posted a video on flickr. After a little more digging, I found their site and then this video. I think the concept is amazing not to mention the execution. Check this out, hope you enjoy.

Double Rainbow Ringtone

I work in an office full of creative people who creatively find time to do some fun stuff. My good friend, Mr. Brett Barry, has managed to gift the world with this fine creation. If someone’s phone rang at the movies and this was the ring tone, I might actually be okay with it. Have at it world.

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