The Mood of a Nation


Since I work in marketing and design, naturally I love things like this. When someone can figure out how to represent data in stimulating visual form it always makes me happy. There was a time (and it actually still is that time) when people thought you can only represent data in spreadsheets and bar graphs. They have their place, but trust me, more people will want to read the data you spent hours and hours collecting if it looks unusual. I have a few books for Edward Tufte that you all might want to check out if this is your type of thing. I’m not a huge fan of the site layout, but he has some amazing stuff in his books. You might also need a refresher in cartograms before you attempt to watch the video though, otherwise it will just look like a butterfly changing colors over and over again. For the original post, visit Mashable here. Based on this, I think I’m staying on the west coast…just sayin’.


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