I’ve Been Building


Not the kind of building you’re probably thinking of. As soon as I finished my MBA, I decided I had to find something else to do to avoid sitting on the couch at night. So, I took up sitting in a desk chair. I’ve read a couple books, one in particular that’s brought me some excitement. The book is called Problogger and the name says it all.

After reading the book, I’ve officially built two new blog/websites. “Why two?” you may ask. And to you I answer, “Because they each do different things.” Now, of course they talk about different things and cover two totally different topics. When I say “two different things”, I’m primarily speaking about the outcome or purpose for each site.

The first is for reputation building. It is a subject matter I’m well versed in and can comment on fairly easily. The goal is to build my reputation which hopefully in a couple years may lead to some consulting, speaking, etc. The second is for monetization. Now you say, “That sounds cheap and unsophisticated.” And I say, “Harsh.” Much of it is for my own understanding. How does SEO work? How do adsense and adwords work? How can you get relevant and respected sponsors to place on your site? All these questions I hope to answer with my second site.

A few closing words. For both of these sites, I have a passion for what I am writing. I’m not just picking a random subject that I think will sell. Both of them I’ve done and have been doing for a long time. I’ll try and post updates on the analytics of each site over the course of their lifetimes and hopefully be able to teach you something as I learn.

As always, thanks for reading.