No Twitter for U(niversities)


(Photo Credit: Ilse) In a recent article featured in the Chronicle of Higher Education, Abe Gruber of Bloomfield College did a study of 200 prospective freshman and 70 admissions offices. Here is a quick break down of the results:

  • 40% of admissions offices use Twitter
  • 15% of prospective students use Twitter to learn about colleges

Although Twitter may have had a slightly ambiguous beginning (do people really want to know what I’m eating for breakfast??), it has begun to carve for itself a niche, maybe best categorized as information sharing and networking.

The Question: Should Twitter be used for the recruitment of prospective students?


One thought on “No Twitter for U(niversities)

  1. I would say universities definitely have something to gain from having a Twitter account. I think Twitter, at it’s best, allows communication lines to open that students might not normally consider. A dialogue can be created from whatever the university writes on their feed – supporting their current and alumni students, links to multimedia, short blurbs of everything in their collegiate realm. I think it is important that a responsible moderator and creative communicator is in charge of the Twitter feed in order for a university to truly be successful in the social networking arena. A Twitter account isn’t the end-all, be-all but it can help strengthen a university’s image.

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