Behind Church Music with the DC*B


In one of my new endeavors, I sought to do a couple of interviews with some Christian bands I thought were pretty amazing. Taking a shot in the dark, I went to the David Crowder Band website and sent them an email simply asking if they’d be willing to answer a few questions. To my excitment, Jack Parker contacted me and the rest is recent history.

Since they probably have to answer a lot of similar questions when they do interviews, I wanted to change it up a little. In a recent post, I talked a little about viewing creativity as a lifestyle, not a hobby. I decided to hone in on that topic. In my opinion, these guys are about as creative as it gets when it comes to making music.

Before we go any furthur, there’s something you should know: I’m not a professional interviewer. I just think it’s cool to talk to people about what they love, know, and do best. With that said, here are a few answers to a few questions about the creative process.


Question: Talk a little about your upcoming album Church Music.

Jack’s Answer: church music was our attempt to recreate what the writers of hymns were doing. at that time, they were composing and writing in order to find the “common language” of the people and pushing the boundaries as far as creativity and expectations were concerned. the surprise is it doesn’t sound like hymns written a hundred years ago! 

Question: You guys are obviously very creative (love the fantastical video). Can you share any insights on your creative process? How do you come up with the themes, design elements, etc. for your albums, events, tours….Where do the ideas for the different sounds in your songs come from?

Jack’s Answer: one person usually starts with a rough idea and starts passing it around to the other members of the band. then we start adding, subtracting, restructuring, etc…  in the end, hopefully it’s something usable!

Question: What is the craziest/funnest instrument you have ever used either in a recording or during live play?

Jack’s Answer: i actually find a lot of humor in the tuba even though we haven’t used one. we’ll have to remedy that on the next record.

Question: What is each band members favorite instrument to play (brand/model?)

Jack’s Answer: dave plays tom anderson crowdsters, me and mark play tom anderson and prs guitars (assorted), mike d plays fender basses from the 60s, hogan plays zeta violins, and bwack plays risen drums (assorted models).

Question: Do you guys record your entire album yourselves, or is there an outside studio involved?

Jack’s Answer: as of now, we are pretty much “in house.”  our lovely friend shane d wilson from nashville comes in for a couple of days to make sure everything sounds good tonally and then we ship it off to him for mixing.

Question: For those who are going to be the worship leaders of the next generation, what advice would you give them?

Jack’s Answer: play as much as you can!  don’t turn down anything when you’re starting out — this makes you better as a player.  oh, and don’t forget to tune.

Question: Can you talk about your song writing process?

Jack’s Answer: it’s different for every song.  the most common way it happens is dave will have an idea that is just acoustic guitar and vocal and he passes it out to everyone and we put our “stuff” on it. sometimes a band member will have music and no lyric, or lyric and no music and we pass that around.


Now, I hope I did okay with this. I have to thank Jack for taking the time to write me given the busy season that it is, so, thanks Jack. Since you’re here, check out the upcoming Crowder’s Fantastical Church Music Conference website. As always, thanks for reading.