An Idea for Facebook Ads


Disclaimer: It’s just an idea.

Facebook has been pushing its ad platform for a little while now and the benefits are obvious to both advertisers and consumers. On the one end, the advertiser gets to select only the criteria that are relevant for their product; they get to target. You might select an age range, a geographic area, gender, likes/interests, education, etc. The consumer on the other end typically only gets ads that are relevant to them. They get ads for products and services that fit their age range, have local presences, are made only for men or women, and appeal to their hobbies or vocations.

Typically fewer clicks to the destination is better, that’s why we have landing pages, campaign sites, microsites, and so on. More clicks often means more options to exit (unless your content is remarkable). 

The idea is simply this: Facebook ads should have the option to be directed to a form built within Facebook, within the companies page even. The advertiser may customize certain aspects as they do with the text ads, but ultimately it would look and feel like Facebook. The information could even be seeded from the account profile they are logged in as. If needed, you could have the option to go to the advertisers website if you felt more comfortable.


  1. Environment remains the same (The good ole’ Facebook blues)
  2. Information is collected quickly and simply

Possible Issues:

  1. Not enough information to make a consumer feel comfortable enough to submit information
  2. The integrity or legitimacy of the company cannot be evaluated properly (by examining website perhaps)
  3. People might freak out at the fact that Facebook actually has a lot of information on them

Yes, it is possible to develop an application that does this for you. Delta Airlines has a pretty amazing application running now that allows you to book your flight without every leaving Facebook. However, I think the trackability would be enhanced if it was a Facebook function. It would definitely be a welcomed metric as you are viewing your various campaigns in the ad manager.

That’s it for now. As always, thanks for reading.