Down the Rabbit Hole


Every day I try to set aside time to do some sort of "research." That most often includes checking a few blogs, and I literally mean a few. I refer to these sites as rabbit holes. While I initially go to them to see what's trending, read some headlines, etc., I ALWAYS end up several levels deep. How does this happen? You just have to be ok with getting yourself lost. 

Imagine going to a site to read about the latest marketing campaign. While you're there you see an ad for Coca-Cola and decide to click on it. It takes you to a landing page and you see a link to the company that created the page. You click on that link to see what that company does and how they function. While you're there, you see a tab for recent clients, so you check it out. There you discover another familiar brand and proceed to that site, and so the cycle continues as you trudge down the rabbit hole, far away from where you originally began. Remember that movie The Matrix? Neo gets told to follow the white rabbit. He has no idea what that means and no idea where it would lead him. But in his journey he figures out some cool stuff.

I'm here to say that's ok. That's how I learn. I love it. Don't restrict yourself to just reading a couple blogs, like this one. But thanks for reading anyway, I'm glad you're here.

Homework or Dessert


I don’t usually just write like this, but I felt the need to express my thoughts in words in hopes that it would make just as much sense on paper as it does in my mind.

The idea of doing what you love has been weighing heavily on my heart. I caught myself saying to a co-worker the other day, “I don’t like working with people who aren’t passionate.” Conversely, I LOVE working with people who are passionate. For one, they do great work, and two, you instinctively trust them. So all this begs the question, does what I do make me happy? Am I passionate? This isn’t to say that the world revolves around our own happiness. I think it speaks more to the fact that when you are happy about what you do, you do it well, really well.

Think of a high schooler doing homework. Have you ever seen one passionate about homework? Probably only a few. It seems that sometimes we treat what we do like homework. Simply something that needs to get done in order to receive credit (a paycheck, vacation, sick time, etc.). What if instead we viewed it as dessert? Too much of it might not be healthy, but we always look forward to it and enjoy it while it lasts. If it’s not dessert time yet, maybe it’s time to start asking the right questions to move you in that direction. 

Anyway, those are the ramblings of a rambling mind. Take it for what it’s worth and thanks for reading.

How to Live Creatively

I never set out to be anything in particular, only to live creatively, and push the scope of my experience for adventure, and for passion.

The very obvious theme of this blog is creativity. How do we take the normal and do something extraordinary with it? My friend found this video not to long ago and it spoke right to my heart. I wanted to share it with you. I love a thousand things about this video and I promise, if you share anything in common with me, you’ll have to watch it more than once.

As always, thanks for reading.