Best Super Bowl Commercials

Ok, if you had to ask me (and you are because this is my blog), here are my three favorite commercials from the Superbowl.

For a variety of reasons including, but not limited to, the use of a Star Wars costume, a cute kid, and some pretty good acting, we arrive here:

And because I’m a marketer, this one hit the funny bone:

For the use of great visual effects and creativity I choose this guy:

Overall, congratulations to Volkswagen for dominating this year…




2 thoughts on “Best Super Bowl Commercials

  1. Patriotic and American to the core with a modern twist. I think Eminem’s song was a good song to really drive the “anthemy” feel of the commercial, but I don’t think his appearance and speaking part were really necessary…I actually forgot what the commercial was about once it focused on him. Plus him being in the Brisk commercial earlier distracted me…

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