Do I Really Need Another Blog?


I’ve been toying with the idea of creating a new blog. Some of you are rolling your eyes…that’s acceptable.

Here’s some background: If you aren’t aware, I’m kind of into photography. I’ve been shooting a lot with one of my friends, Mr. Bobby Schneider, or B. Schneider Photography. The other day we went out to scout a location for a maternity shoot. After trouncing in the hills for 30 minutes, taking photos left and right to see where that perfect shot was hidden, the clouds decided it was time to lighten the load (it started raining). Shorter story short, some funny stuff happened while we were scouting, and we found ourselves saying, “It’s too bad nobody ever sees the crazy stuff that goes into that one amazing shot.” DING. DING. DING.

So, my idea is to do a blog that would be short videos (flip cam or something) of the behind the scenes stuff that goes into the various photo shoots I (and those who like hanging out with me) end up doing. It would essentially document my life as a photographer, and since I’m fairly new, could be a great resource for other photographers who are starting out. The question remains, does it warrant a new blog or should I just post them here?

I don’t know…I’ve always wanted one of those cool blogs with video content (generated by me and friends). What do you think? Help me out a little?

(Image courtesy of Gizmodiva)


1 thought on “Do I Really Need Another Blog?

  1. You can always start it out here. If it picks up and is working well, and you need to separate it out…go for it and start a new blog! I think the behind the scenes focus is a great idea!

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