Gopro FTW

I almost never watch commercials, mainly because I’m usually catching up on shows and I like the idea of fast forwarding. Regardless, I caught myself endulging in one the other day for gopro…a pretty nice looking HD camera. What made this camera so cool you might ask? The mount kits. The camera is basically made to be attached to moving things; cars, ropes, skateboards, bikes, etc.. It also produces some pretty cool shots. I don’t know enough about it yet to talk about how you upload the files and all the technical details (maybe you can fill them in in the comments), but I do like the price which sits under $300 depending on what model you choose. Signup for a chance to win one of everything they own (which is what the commercial was about) at

Gut level reaction? Compared to a flip, what you guys think? Thanks for reading.