How Much Passion Do You Have?

I just finished reading a post from Chris Brogan on Persistence. It was a great post and nice reminder to keep going, develop those habits that lead to excellence, knowing all the time that there will be obstacles along the way.

After I watched the video at the end of his post, I immediately started to realize that passion is really the fuel for persistence. Why carry on with something if you don’t really like it? You can see what passion looks like here, especially in Eminem. As Chris reports (and everyone else knows), he’s had some tough times, but I don’t think anyone can say he’s not passionate. Sometimes I wonder what companies might look like if I everyone brought this type of passion to work all the time (me too); an intense, no one can stop us, limitless, passion. 

Here is the video, keep in mind that it may not be safe for work so don’t blast it over the PA system.