An Epic Photography Fail FTW

You might have heard the rumors (because I started them) about some light painting/writing that took place this last weekend. They’re true. And if you were to judge us by the final product…we probably would have failed. Really we just played with the shutter all night. You know, the thing that makes the clicking sound when you take a picture? So why is it worth blogging about? The answer is because it was simultaneously a major win.

I’m in love with the creative process. There, I said it. I love everything about it. From the waking up at night with an idea and frantically searching for my iPhone to write it down before it fades away, to the sloshing around in damp leaves on a cold and rainy evening taking a 100 pictures of a rose. That is what photography is to me. It lets me be creative when I otherwise have to work by the book most of the time.

This past weekends experiment is one of several I’ve been wanting to do. I’d been watching all kinds of videos and reading blogs for a couple days, and finally decided it was time to try my hand. Honestly, it made complete sense in my head as far as the technical aspect was concerned, and then was far different in reality. But that’s why it’s so fun. If everything was as easy as playing out a scenario in your head, nothing would be hard. Profound, I know.

Yet, the question still remains: Why in the world would a guy who owns an aspiring photography company post these pictures for everyone to see? Isn’t that poor marketing? It’s just the opposite to me. The answer is pretty straight forward. You’ve now discovered that I do my research, that I practice, that I play, that I’m persistent, that I’m determined, and I haven’t even shown you any images yet. I hope to never be described as “boxy.” When I say, “I just went on a shoot!”, you’re immediate reaction should be “Oh boy, I need to see those photos” not “Great, more [insert typical reaction here]” You get the idea. Anyway, enjoy.



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