Get A New Email Signature


Lately I’ve noticed a lot of companies have decided to put social media icons in the signature of their emails. I’m not against the idea, it’s a good way to let your clients know that you own those properties (as long as you’re keeping up with them). What I don’t like is the way this renders in certain email clients. It’s just not pretty. I get 4-5 image attachments, the links get separated from the images, and it just doesn’t look real inviting.

Since I’m not one to complain about a problem without proposing a solution, here’s what I’m thinking. Ideally, it would be great to have a “connect” type page on your companies website that lists all the wonderful ways people can follow or get in touch with you, but let’s face it, not every company has the time or manpower to build something like that. That’s why I love the idea of Beautiful, one page profiles that integrate with Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Posterous, and a whole lot of other sites. Create a page, make it beautiful, then simply place the link in your signature. Thanks for reading.

[Update] Once you create your profile, click on the “promote” link at the top and you’ll find instructions on how to add this into your signature for a couple different email providers.