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First of all, I don’t write screenplays, or books. I’m more in the blogging category. Regardless, I think this is an amazing tool to get the job done. If you’re like me, you tend to have an attention deficit when doing any work with multiple windows open…or the internet in general. Writeroom allows you to kill the distractions. Not only that, but it brings back that cool DOS looking screen that we all love so much, Matrix style, hello Neo.

Since I’ve been writing a lot more for my company blog, this is the type of tool I’ve grown to adore. Don’t be scared to try it out for free, you just may like it.

The end, thanks for reading. 


Inspire to Inspire

I’ve mentioned before just how much something creative can inspire me, and right now I’m feeling about as inspired as I ever have. Jeremy Cowart has been my favorite photographer since the day I first discovered him. Though he is more likely known for his celebrity portraits, this project proves all the more that he is every bit as talented as you would guess him to be.

This type of work is inspiring. It makes you want to create something. To build something out of nothing and feel the joy of that creation, and the joy of sharing that with the world. I hope we all take this to heart and do something inspiring today. Thanks for reading.

P.S – If you’re a photographer or even know someone who is, visit to find out how you can give back.

If you’re gonna ask…


Let me preface this by saying you should take this as advice, not criticism. And by you, I’m talking about companies who place big n’ pretty buttons all over their website saying “Contact Us!” If you’re gonna ask, you have to follow up. If, after you read this (and I know this will circulate pretty quickly given the popularity of this blog) you decide it’s still not important, then it’s criticism…just saying.

I work for a creative agency. I was asked to do some research on a couple different companies for some web-based software we were looking to purchase. TO PURCHASE. WITH REAL MONEY. I did what I thought was the logical thing…clicked the big shiny button and requested demos. It has nearly been a week and I still have one company who hasn’t contacted me back yet. The worst part was I got an email immediately after I signed up saying someone would be in contact with me shortly…

All I’m saying is that you need to follow through. In this case it was amplified by the fact that I wanted to purchase analytics software, to track mentions, clicks, etc. You know the deal. I even sent a tweet about it. Long story short, this type of response doesn’t make me a buyer, nor an advocate, nor give me any reason to think your software will do what I need it to. The sad thing is that it was my first choice…pre-demo sign up.

Who knows, maybe I’ll get an email or something and they’ll change my mind. Right now, it’s safe to say that there’s a gap for a competitor to steal my business.

On the other hand, I had one company call me fairly quickly after researching my tweets and preparing questions to see if their service was a fit for me and my company. That’s how you do it.