Falling Skies

If you watch anything on TNT, you’re probably aware that this show has been coming for some time now. I remember thinking I’d like to watch the show as I usually gravitate towards shows like this (Sci-Fi in general).

However, the thing that really got me hooked was Klout; more specifically Klout Perks. If you’re not familiar with the service, Klout basically rates your influence online by analyzing your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles.

Because I fulfilled some sort of criteria in the Klout system, they identified me as a person who might be influential in talking about this showing online. The result? I was sent a “Survival Package” which included a drawing, cantene, compass, bag, hat, and map. It was packaged beautifully and I felt special, which was the intention, so good job.

So that’s how I came to watch the show. Now about the show.

The show starts several months after the aliens have arrived and invaded. For that reason, the potential for all sorts of back story is available. They started revealing a little bit of that, but spent more time on the character development, as they should. Some of the development was overkill; we understood Tom was a history teacher the second time they mentioned it and were bored of the fact after the 15th.

Overall, the story is starting to unfold. This is what I know. So far there are two types of aliens, a robotic form and a biological form. There are survivors, though most of them came from civilian backgrounds (the armed forces were all taken out in the invasion as well as everything electronic). There is some sort of hierarchy, with the fighters in charge. Not all humans are good guys, there are still some thugs out there. Food is scarce and dangerous to acquire, ammo is a valuable asset, and there isn’t a currency but for the traditional barter system. Lastly, we are already seeing the debate flare over the the importance of the civilians versus the importance of the fighters.

In summary, the makings are there for a good show. It has to do something spectacular though, as shows like this that stay the course end up dying (Like “V”). The storyline isn’t all that new; foreigners come and take over your land, leaving you to fight for survival with the hope of overcoming. Because of that, there needs to be some sort of hook, which is what I look forward to. Great marketing, great use of social media. Now it’s just the hype to live up to.

Thanks for reading.